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Brain-Behavioral Vulnerabilities Laboratory


Anna Rose Childress, PhD - Laboratory Director
Imaging of cue-triggered cocaine motivation (GO!) and its modulation ("STOP!") by behavioral or pharmacologic interventions; imaging of limbic activation by "unseen" drug cues; modulation of brain response to cocaine cues by GABAergics; and frontal brain-behavioral deficits as additional risk factors; real-time fMRI feedback training as a tool for craving and control.

Ronald Ehrman, PhD
Attentional and affective bias to drug cues as risk factors; decision-making deficits as risk factors in addicted adults and in adolescents at risk for addiction; Investigator for two Veteran's Affairs Cooperative Studies Program studies investigating 1) smoking cessation and 2) risperidone in veterans with combat-related PTSD.

Teresa Franklin, PhD
Imaging of cue-induced cigarette craving; modulation by gender, cycle and GABAergics; structural differences in addicted brains as risk factors.

Marina Goldman, MD
Imaging of marijuana cue-induced craving, modulation by dronabinol; frontal modulatory deficits in addicted adults and adolescents at risk.

Anita Hole, PhD
- Senior Clinical Psychologist
Developed, along with Dr. Childress, the NIH-supported Coping with Craving Program, a manually-guided behavioral treatment used as the psychosocial intervention for studies within the lab.

Daniel Langleben, MD
Imaging of cue-induced opiate craving states; Modulation by methadone and by depot naltrexone; Imaging of deception and lie detection; and Imaging of advertising and health communications.

Yin Li, MS
- Signal Processing Engineer
Novel analytic strategies for functional and structural imaging in addicted adults and in adolescents at risk.

Jeremy Magland, PhD
Real-time fMRI feedback training as a tool for craving and control.

Jesse Suh, PsyD
Imaging of frontal resting perfusion deficits in addicted adults; affect dysregulation as a risk factor for relapse/addiction in adults/adolescents; Brain Functional Connectivity in Modulation of Craving and Affect in Addiction; and Neuroimaging of computer-related addictive behaviors (e.g., online gaming).

Regina Szucs-Reed, MD/PhD
- MIRECC/Addiction Psychiatry Postdoctoral Fellow
Imaging of marijuana and opiate dependent individuals.

Chris Tjoa, MD
- Departmental Clinical Research Scholars Program (CRSP) Fellow
Real-time fMRI feedback training as a tool for craving and control.

Ze Wang, PhD
- Signal Processing Engineer
Optimization of analytic strategies for ASL perfusion fMRI; support for vector machines.


Penn Collaborators


  • John A. Detre, MD (Neurology)



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