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Spring 2015

February 2
Sara Ward, PhD
Cocaine, cannabinoids, and inflammation

February 9
David Metzger, PhD
Drug Treatment as HIV Prevention in Asia: from Harm reduction to Addiction Treatment

February 23
Hans Rollema, PhD
Varenicline (Chantix) a decade later: an update on pharmacology, efficacy, adverse events and other indication

Fall 2014

September 8
Dr. Robert Schnoll, PhD 
Improving Treatments for Nicotine Dependence

September 15
Dr. Yukiko Washio, PhD
Addressing Maternal Health Issues with a Comprehensive Approach

September 22
Dr. Brenda Curtis, PhD
Using Marketing Techniques to Recruit and Retain Research Participants

September 29
Dr. Joseph Schacht, PhD
Identification of Neural Targets for Pharmacological Treatment in Alcohol Use Disorders

October 6
Dr. Amy Hart, MD
Investigating the Genetic Influences on Substance Use Disorders Using a  Genome-Wide Approach

October 13
Dr. Reagan Wetherill, PhD

October 20
Dr. Kimberly Kirby, PhD
Progress Report from the Parents' Translational Research Center

October 27
Dr. John Dani, PhD
Dopaminergic Mechanisms Contributing to the Nicotine Addiction Process

November 3
Dr. David Festinger, PhD 
Delivering HIV Risk Reduction Services in Drug Court

November 10
Dr. Neil Epperson, MD
What? You Give Progesterone to Men? The Role of Neurosteroids in Nicotine Dependence

November 17
Dr. Rebecca Ashare, PhD
From brain to behavior: The role of APOE ε4 genotype, a susceptibility allele for Alzheimer’s disease, in nicotine dependence

November 24
Dr. Kenneth Silverman, PhD 
Incentives & Health: The Application of Operant Conditioning in Health Promotion

December 1
Jeremy Mennis, PhD
Addiction and the Environment: Why Place Matters to Substance Abuse and Treatment

December 15
Dr. Kyle Kampman, MD
An Update on Topiramate for Cocaine Dependence

December 22
Dr. Heath Schmidt, PhD