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Training Course for Supervisors of Prolonged Exposure Therapy


The 5 day training begins with a review of theory and empirical work underlying PE. This is followed by a brief overview of PE therapy procedures and assessment methods. The remainder of the workshop focuses on the implementation of PE procedures and training an PE supervision methods. This includes 1) review of essential elements of treatment rationales and PE sessionsl 2) following the guidelines provided in the Supervisor Manual to evaulate therapists' adherence and competence in providing PR therapyl and 3) practicing rating PE sessions and providing feedback to therapists. Participants are gicen recent theoretical and empirical articles that will provde review of current PE-related literature, and the PE supervision manual, which includes:

  • A guide for PE supervisors
  • Theoretical and empirical evidence underlying PR
  • An overview of supervision methods
  • Guidelines for evaluating and providing feedback on delivery of treatment rationales
  • An outline of each PE session with an emphasis on what should be addressed in supervision
  • PE therapist adherence and competence rating scale

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