Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Diversity and Inclusion



The Journey to Medical School


One of the shared goals of our office and our minority students from groups underrepresented in medicine is to educate and recruit students for medical school. To that end, our minority students created these slide shows in which they share their views on how to be admitted to medical school.

During the academic calendar year, our office can also schedule visits for:

  • Pre- health/pre-med societies or educational community-based groups to learn about:
    • General preparation for medical school
    • Our curriculum
    • Our Student life
    • Our Research opportunities
    • Our Financial aid
  • Individual students interested in attending a class and meeting students If you are an applicant who has been invited for admissions interviews, we can arrange for our minority students to meet you for:
    • Dinner the night before your interviews
    • Breakfast the morning of your interviews

If you have quesitons or would like more information please contact us.