Diversity & Inclusion

Challenges Among Us

The goal of these events is to create a space to talk about what makes medical school difficult and provide an opportunity for students to be vulnerable with each other. 

Dinner with Acquaintances

Dinner with Acquaintances is a series of interclass potlucks with 6-7 people in attendance at each. By fostering a greater sense of shared experience, students organically feel closer to their classmates and become more willing to seek and provide support. 

Healer’s Art     

Developed by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD (Kitchen Table Wisdom, My Grandfather's Blessings), the Healer’s Art I and II electives are process-based courses which explore humanism in medicine using interactive and contemplative approaches. Healer’s Art I and II are offered in the spring covering topics such as “Meaning and Medicine” and “Service as a Way of Life.” Enrollment is limited to ensure an optimal experience for all participants. If you'd like to know more, please contact Dr. Carol Chou at cchou@mail.med.upenn.edu.

Mindfulness Training 

Offered each spring, the Mind-Body Medicine and Mindfulness Meditation elective provides a comprehensive overview of mindfulness-based stress management and mindfulness meditation. Students are taught mindfulness as a tool to cope with the demands of medical training while also maintaining connection to the human side of patient care. Participants receive extensive training in several mindfulness-based meditation practices and are taught to use mindfulness to enrich communication, facilitate learning, improve patient care, and enhance relationships. Students develop a powerful set of meditation-based tools that they can adapt to meet their own personal and professional goals. 

MS1 Hiking Trip 

In May, first-year students leave the soothing comforts of their study spaces for a 3-day backpacking trip in the woods of the Delaware Water Gap in NJ. Students hike in small groups designed to connect classmates who do not know each other well. The trip allows MS1s to deepen their connections within the Penn Med community as well as provide a space for personal reflection, growth, and recuperation. Students interested in this effort should contact PDI.

Yoga Classes 

Penn Med Yoga provides free yoga classes twice each week for students to develop physical, mental and spiritual disciplines for personal growth.