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Current Studies


CTN 0050:  START Follow-up Study.  This is a follow-up study of Starting Treatment with Agonist Replacement Studies, (START)  CTN 0027 of the NIDA Clinical Trials Network. 

Primary Aims: To determine long-term outcomes of Suboxone treatment versus methadone treatment received in the START Study;  To investigate study participant and treatment factors associated with post-START treatment access, utilization, and outcomes among Suboxone participants and methadone participants;  To explore other correlates of long-term outcomes among START study participants. 

Study Site:  NETSteps, 2205 Bridge Street, Philadelphia, PA   19137

Site PI:  John T. Carroll, CAC

CTN 0049: Project HOPE – Hospital Visit as Opportunity for Prevention and Engagement for HIV-infected Drug Users

Primary Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of Patient Navigator and Contingency Management in achieving suppression of HIV viral load among substance using hospitalized HIV-infected individuals with initially unsuppressed HIV viral load.

Study Site: Division of ID & HIV Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine, New College Building 6th Fl, Room 6314, 245N 15th Street MS 461, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Site PI:  Jeffrey Jacobson, M.D.