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Alumni & Post-doctorates

Barrington Burnett
(Ph.D., May 2005)
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Jason Carnegie
CAMB - Genetics & Gene Regulation
2003 - 2009
PI: Bryan Wolf
Undergrad - University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica
Thesis: Characterization of the expression, localization, regulation and role of Pancreatic Derived Factor (PANDER, FAM3B) in pancreatic alpha cells

Francheska Colon-Gonzalez
Francheska Colon-Gonzalez photo
Hometown: Aibonito, Puerto Rico
Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras
Program, Grad Group, Year: PhD, Pharmacology, Graduate
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Marcelo Kazanietz
Research Interests: Cell Signaling, Molecular Biology in Cancer Models
Topic of Research: Alpha2-chimaerin: Activity, regulation and biological function

Jamaine Saydu C. Davis
Jamaine Davis photo
Undergraduate Institution: Drexel University
Major/Degree: B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, 1998
Year: 4th, PhD
Program: Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
Adviser: Harvey Rubin, MD, PhD
Dissertation Title: Characterization of an Adenosylcobalamin-dependent ribonucleotide reductase found in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Graduation Date: 2006
Research Topics/Interests: Enzymology, ribonucleotide reductase

Dawn Eastmond, Ph.D.
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Status: Postdoctoral Associate
Alumni: University of Pennsylvania
Undergrad: Columbia University
School/Dept: Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics

Brain Hannah
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Hometown: Dover DE
Undergraduate Institution: Xavier University of Louisiana
Program, Grad Group, Year: PhD, CAMB, 5th Graduate Year
Thesis Advisor: Gary Cohen and Roz Eisenberg
Research Interests: Virus Entry, Structure/Function Studies of Viral Entry Glycoproteins, HSV gB
Structure-based Mutagenesis of HSV Glycoprotein B
Other Hobbies: I like science, I like music, I like food.

Sommer Miller
Sommer Miller photo
Undergraduate Institution: Yale University, BS (Research Intensive)
Thesis Title: Characterization of PECAM-1 Transgenic Mice
Thesis Adviser: Joseph A. Madri MD, PhD
Year: 5th, PhD
Program: Cell and Molecular Biology-(Cell Growth and Cancer)
Adviser: Charles V. Clevenger MD, PhD
Dissertation Title: Prolactin Receptor Signaling in Breast Cancer Motility
Graduation Date: December 2005
Research Topics/Interests: Breast Cancer, Prolactin Signaling, Cancer Cell Motility and Survival

Heather Pinkett, Ph.D.
Heather Pinkett photo
Status: Postdoctoral Associate, California Institute of Technology
Alumni: University of Pennsylvania
Undergrad: Connecticut College
School/Dept: Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics

Chelsea Pinnix
Chelsea Pinnix photo
Undergraduate Institution: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Year: 5th, MD/PhD
Program: Cell and Molecular Biology-(Cell Growth and Cancer)
Dissertation Title: The role of activated of Notch signaling in melanocyte transformation
Graduation Date: December 2005
Research Topic/Interests: Melanoma Tumorigenesis, cell signaling, carcinogenesis
Hobbies: Working out!

Gladys Varela
Gladys Varela photo
Hometown: Aguada, Puerto Rico
Undergraduate Institution: Univ. of Puerto Rico
Program, Grad Group, Year: PhD, CAMB, Graduate
Thesis Advisor: Rex Ahima, MD,PhD
Research Interests: Hepatic lipid and glucose metabolism during obesity and diabetes. I'm looking at the function of a lipid droplet binding protein (ADRP) in the regulation of lipid metabolism in fatty liver disease.
Topic of Research: Role of Adipose Differentiation Related Protein (ADRP) in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Other Hobbies: reading non-science stuff and learning about other cultures. I'm passionate about traveling to other countries. Favorite Food: Puerto-Rican and Latin

Jason Watts
Jason Watts photo
Undergraduate Institution: U. Penn
Program, Grad Group, Year: MD-PhD, CAMB, Graduate
Thesis Advisor: Ken Zaret
Research Interests: Chromatin, genomics