Eisinger Lab



Rotation Project #1 

Probe the role of the unfolded protein response in soft tissue sarcoma development, as it relates to Hippo pathway signaling.

Rotation Project #2 

Investigate the contributions of collagen post-translational modification to sarcoma metastasis and biochemistry.

Postdoctoral Opportunity #1

One postdoctoral research position is available immediately to study sarcoma initiation and progression. The project will be supported by a U54 grant from the National Cancer Institute. The projects will focus on: 1) epigenetic alterations in sarcoma,  2) the role of the ECM and collagen in metastasis 3) small molecule drug development for sarcoma.  Next generation sequencing, knockout and transgenic animals and gene editing technologies will be used in these projects. The position requires experience in cellular and molecular biology, collagen biochemistry, experimental  approaches for studying tumor progession and metastasis.  Previous experience in knock-out and transgenic development, epigenetics, cancer biology and cancer genomics would be helpful.  We also welcome candidates, who have trained in other fields, such as; prostate cancer, melanoma biology, developmental biology, genetics and genomics, to apply for this positions.  Preference will be given to individuals interested in or with a background in, or with a background, in collagen or ECM  analyses.

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