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Mouse Quest is a FileMaker database designed to manage the critical aspects of your mouse colony and mouse-related experiments. Mouse Quest keeps track of the detailed information for each individual mouse, litter, breeding pair, experiment, and histological specimen. Mouse Quest is a true relational database that organizes mouse lineages, experimental manipulations, tissue analyses and more. We use Mouse Quest extensively and rely on it heavily. It works extremely well for us and we could not get by without it!

Feel free to customize and add to the database as you see fit. However, the Feldser Lab
cannot provide assistance for the use of the database beyond what is found on this page. Use at your own risk!

Tabs: Mice/Litters/Breedings/Experiments

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Keep tabs on each of your mice, litters, breedings, and experiments. Each tab displays a unique layout designed to easily mange vital statistics such as DOB, age, genotype, strain, and various identification numbers. The layouts also display related information maintained in other spreadsheets for quick reference and easy navigation through built-in links. Shown above is a view of the "Mice Tab" displaying critical stats for one individual mouse (Tag# 4976) and the related information summarizing experimental manipulations, breeding lineage, archived tissues, and other important data in the portal below.

Reports: Mice/Litters/Breedings/Experiments

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Reports are spreadsheets generated from the data stored in each "Tab". These are quick ways to create various lists of mice to organize your workflow and accelerate completion of daily tasks. Pre-defined buttons found in each layout automatically create lists of currently available mice, active litters and breeding pairs, or individuals that are part of a specific experiment. Shown above is a report of Experiment #117. Note the appearance of mouse #4976. By highlighting that row and clicking on the 'View Selected Mouse' button the tab at the right appears next to this window. Pretty useful!

Download Mouse Quest

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