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David C. Metz, MD

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Two Drugs Look Promising for Rare Pancreatic Cancer

According to an article on WebMD.com, two kidney cancer drugs show promise for the treatment of the rare type of pancreatic cancer that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was diagnosed with in 2004. The studies were published in last week’s edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, where the researchers reported that targeted therapies dramatically improved disease-free survival times in patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. One drug was Pfizer’s Sutent, and the other was Afinitor from Novartis. David C. Metz, MD, co-director of the Neuroendocrine Tumor Program and associate chief of Gastroenterology for Clinical Affairs, is quoted throughout the article. “For the first time in 20 years we have a whole new group of drugs to treat this disease,” said Dr. Metz. “The questions are, which ... drug do we use first and do we combine them. We don’t have the answers yet.” [Website]


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