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Fellowship Program 

Fellows and Faculty 2015

Physician's Name
University Affiliation
First Year GI Fellows
Sherif Elhanafi, MD
Texas Tech University
Carolyn Newberry, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Akinbowale Oyalowo, MD
Columbia University
Shazia Siddique, MD
Johns Hopkins University
Ravy Vajravelu, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Second Year GI Fellows

Therese Bitterman, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Gene K. Ma, MD
Stanford University
Amanke Oranu, MD
Bringham and Women's Hospital
Claudio Rivera, MD, MPH
University of Southern California
Giorgio Roccaro, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Third Year GI Fellows
Tatyana Kushner, MD
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Lauren Nephew, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Josephine (Josie) Ni, MD
New York University Langone Medical Center
Matthew Whitson, MD
Mt Sinai School of Medicine

A description of the Gastroenterology Fellowship Program is included in the Education Section

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