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NCI Program Project in Esophageal Carcinogenesis

Core B - Biostatistics Core

Director: Phyllis Gimotty, Ph.D.  Phyllis Gimotty, Ph.D.
Bioinformatics Analyst:    
Data Analyst Anne Blair  

The Biostatistics Core provides biostatistical expertise to program project investigators, and collaborates with these investigators to use statistical models and other statistical techniques to better understand the etiology and progression of esophageal cancer.  The Biostatistics Core faculty and staff have previous experience in cancer translational research and extensive experience with the proposed statistical methodologies and their application to the research studies proposed in this program project.  They provide expertise in the following areas to support our P01s research objectives:  (1) statistical methods to study associations among gene-related factors and/or among associated protein-related factors, as well as factors that influence tumor growth in different biological models; (2) statistical design and evaluation strategies to assess the impact of experimental interventions in genes on relevant biological outcomes (cell apoptosis, tumor growth and development, therapeutic response); and (3) statistical decision making tools to make scientifically valid statements related to key scientific hypotheses.  The Biostatistics Core members collaborate with project investigators to interpret and synthesize study findings, collaborate on the preparation of manuscripts and maintain a database library linking all of the analytic databases.   These collaborations insure that the projects proposed will have high quality study designs and statistical analysis plans that will provide a solid foundation for statistical models and inferences made from the experimental data.

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