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Program Committees

The Graduate Group is overseen by the Chair, Vice-Chair, and the Executive Committee with additional Advising, Curriculum, Admissions, and Candidacy Exam Committees. The Admissions, Advising, and Curriculum Committees each have non-voting student members representing the students’ interests. Faculty members of GCB have the opportunity to voice opinions and suggest new initiatives at the annual GCB Faculty Meeting. Below are the current committee members.

For the responsiblities of the committees, please visit the Handbook.

Li-San Wang, Chair of GCB
Ben Voight, Vice-Chair of GCB
Maja Bucan
Sharon Diskin
Elizabeth Grice
John Holmes
Sampath Kannan
Junhyong Kim
Jason Moore
John Murray
Katie Siewert, student representative
Matt Paul, student representative

Elizabeth Grice, Chair
Blanca Himes
Mingyao Li
Kate Nathanson
Kai Tan
Li-San Wang


Ben Voight, Chair
Casey Brown
Sue Davidson
Nancy Zhang
Sammy Klasfeld, student representative
Zerry Zhou, student representative


John Murray, Chair
Yoseph Barash
Casey Brown
Sharon Diskin
Casey Greene
Shane Jensen
Junhyong Kim
Ben Voight
Li-San Wang
Lucy Shan, student representative
Greg Way, student representative

Candidacy Exam
Maja Bucan