About the Cell Center Stockroom

The Cell Center Stockroom is a division of the Genetics Core Facilities (GCF). The GCF is a University service center, established in 1973 to provide consultation, training, and services in the areas of cell culture and hybridomas. Also, the GCF to provides a full range of cell culture media and molecular biology reagents needed by investigators to perform cell culture techniques in their own laboratories. The DNA Sequencing Facility, Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory and Transgenic/Chimeric Animal Facility are the remaining three divisions of the GCF.

The Stockroom serves University of Pennsylvania investigators and affiliate institutions (Cancer Center, Chidren's Hospital of Philadelphia, Hospital of the Unviersity of Pennsylvania, The Wistar Institute, Monell Chemical Senses Center, and Presbyterian Hospital) by coordinating relations with various suppliers of molecular biological research materials. This involves not only bulk purchasing of these products, but the negotiation of discounts and convenient delivery arrangements. There are over 1,100 products on-site for immediate delivery in the Stockroom. Special ordering of non-regularly stocked products is available from 28 bioreagent vendors with discounted pricing and overnight delivery.

List of Stockroom Vendors

Amaxa Biosystems
Ambion, Inc.
Applied Biosystems
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Cell Center Services
Cell Signaling Technologies
Clontech Laboratories
Denville Scientific
Difco Laboratories
EMD Millipore
Eurofins MWG Operon
Fisher (Thermo) Scientific
GE/Amersham Bioscience
Gemini Bio-Products
Hyclone Laboratories
Integrated DNA Technologies
ISC Bioexpress

KAPA Biosystems
Life Technologies
NETA Scientific
New England Biolabs
Perkin Elmer Life Sciences
Quality Biological Inc.
Research Products International
Stratagene/Agilent Technologies
Takara Bio Company
USA Scientific
USB Corporation/Affymetrix
VWR International
Zymo Research Corp