Opening an Account


Instructions for Account Activation and Authorization of Lab Members to Spend

  1. Log into the system using your PennKey sign-on and password.
  2. Click on Cell Center Stockroom.
  3. Click on PI Module.
  4. You will see accounts that have been activated by your Business Administrator/Grants Manager. If you do not see any accounts, please contact your Business Administrator/Grants Manager.
  5. Choose an active grant from the grant list by clicking on the grant title.
  6. From personnel listed, choose “active” or “lab manager” to activate someone to spend. The personnel that are listed on this screen are your personnel who are currently being paid from the grant. Personnel not paid from the grant may be activated by clicking on “add lab member” and performing a search by name, Penn ID number, or e-mail, and then assigning him/her to the fund.
  7. Assign monthly spending limit if applicable.
  8. Once this has been completed, your Grants Manager/Business Administrator will be prompted to approve lab members. Your Grants Manager/Business Administrator can also set up the lab members at your direction.

Instructions for Account set up for External funds (CHOP, Wistar, etc.)

Email the following information to

  1. PI’s name, address, phone number and email.
  2. Business Administrator’s name, address, phone number and email. This is the person who will receive the monthly invoice that is mailed.
  3. Grant/Account information. This could be a PO Number or Lawson Number. Make sure to include the start and end dates for the account.
  4. The full names and PennKey User ID’s of any lab member that should be given access to order from the account. All lab members must have an active PennKey to log into the Stockroom ordering system. Directions for obtaining a PennKey can be found at
  5. You will receive an email confirmation once the account is set up and ready to use.