Cell Culture Training Schedule

The facility trains laboratory personnel in basic sterile and tissue culture techniques.

Day 1

Discuss the basics about mammalian cell culture and tissue culture laboratory set up including culture hood, CO 2 incubator, water bath and inverted microscope. Explain media preparation and the use of two cell lines- SP2/O (suspension) and NIH3T3 (attached).
Show how to prepare media.
Start the culture of one cell line SP2/O or NIH3T3.

Day 3

Look at the cells under an inverted microscope, explain cell viability.
Counting of cells by hemocytometer.
Depending on the cell count, proceed to split the cells.
The trainee can prepare the media for the other cell line.

Day 5

Start the other line, explain the properties of attached cells vs the cells in suspension, how to harvest cells.
Continue working with the first cell line, make flask for the weekend.

Day 8

The cells (Ist line) are ready to freeze, explain cell freezing procedure, and freeze two-three vials.
Trypsinize and split the attached cells, count cells.

Day 10

Freeze the attached cells.

Day 12

Start one of the frozen vials. Discussion of cell culture procedures with Dr. T. Ganguly.