Penn Genomics Analysis Core

Cloning and Sub-cloning


Cloning strategy is designed jointly by the user and the facility. Directional or non-directional cloning into any vector is performed by including right restriction sites in the primers, if necessary, for amplifying the insert for PCR-based cloning. After cloning the insertions sites are checked and orientations are determined by either restriction digestion and/or sequencing.

PCR products are cloned using Invitrogen's TA cloning system or any other vector as requested.


After designing the cloning strategy, the insert is retrieved from the donor vector and appropriate restriction sites are created if necessary. The insert is then cloned into appropriate recipient vector followed by the screening for correct clones by restriction digestion and/or sequencing.

We also offer ligation-independent cloning (LIC) when requested by the user.

Penn Genomics Analysis Core is an Abramson Cancer Center Shared Resource that is approved and partially funded by the National Cancer Institute.


Collection boxes have now been put in the lobby of BRB next to the UPS box and the 1st floor lobby of TRC (near the FEDEX box at the back).  Samples for DNA (Sanger) sequencing can be dropped off into the boxes.  Submission instructions and more information here.

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