Penn Genomics Analysis Core

Beckman Coulter Biomek NX Span 8

High Throughput Sequencing

High Throughput Sequencing in two formats is offered.

  • High Throughput Sequencing of PCR products or plasmid DNA at $365/plate
    Users can submit a full 96-well PCR plate (compatible with the ABI PCR machine) with prescribed amount of DNA (purified PCR products or plasmid DNA) and primer in each well and submit request on line. The cost is $365. For less than a full plate, 57 - 95 samples submitted in the same format will also cost $365.
  • High Throughput Sequencing from Bacterial Cultures at $540/plate (high copy plasmids only)
    The facility will prepare plasmid DNA from cultures submitted in a deep-well plate and sequence both ends. A culture plate can also be prepared at the facility from a glycerol stock plate. The sequencing request is to be submitted on line. A full plate costs $540 for sequencing one end and $715 for sequencing both ends. This method works for high copy plasmids only. For bulk rate please contact staff.

NEW: We can convert the ABI sequence text files from a plate into one single file in FASTA format. Contact staff for more details.

Penn Genomics Analysis Core is an Abramson Cancer Center Shared Resource that is approved and partially funded by the National Cancer Institute.


Collection boxes have now been put in the lobby of BRB next to the UPS box and the 1st floor lobby of TRC (near the FEDEX box at the back).  Samples for DNA (Sanger) sequencing can be dropped off into the boxes.  Submission instructions and more information here.

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