Penn Genomics Analysis Core

PCR, PCR Clean-Up & Cloning

PCR of genomic DNA or BAC DNA are done using custom primers. Primers can be designed at the facility. The optimization and the clean up of PCR products are done using various procedures including exo-sap, column and gel purification. The cleaned up products can be directly processed for Sanger sequencing at the facility or used for cloning.

PCR products are cloned using Invitrogen's TA cloning system.

Also see our AMPure XP purification service.

Penn Genomics Analysis Core is an Abramson Cancer Center Shared Resource that is approved and partially funded by the National Cancer Institute.


Collection boxes have now been put in the lobby of BRB next to the UPS box and the 1st floor lobby of TRC (near the FEDEX box at the back).  Samples for DNA (Sanger) sequencing can be dropped off into the boxes.  Submission instructions and more information here.

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