Dr. Wenchao Song, Ph.D.Dr. Wenchao Song, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology.

Faculty Director of the Penn Gene Targeting Core and Laboratory.

Dr. Song is interested in the vascular biology of inflammatory mediators, including complement, TLRs and macrophage biology. His lab has created and employed many transgenic and knockout mice to study the role of innate immunity in vascular injury and thrombotic disorders.

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Dr. Tobias Raabe, Ph.D.

Technical Director and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Genetics.

Dr. Raabe oversees the day-to-day operations as well as the technical development of Core services. Dr. Raabe has extensive experience in the design and performance of gene targeting in mouse ES cells (see these papers). Dr. Raabe strives to enhance existing gene targeting technologies and contribute to the development of new technologies, including advanced methods of gene targeting in both mouse and human stem cells and to maintain the highest standards of technical excellence in this field.

Adam Averbuch, M.S.

Research specialist in stem cell technology and genotyping