Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Gold Humanism Honor Society


Solidarity Week


A Week of Gratitude and Well-being

February 13-17, 2017

Solidarity Week is a week-long national event sponsored by the Gold Humanism Honor Society during which chapters around the country celebrate their dedication to ensuring compassionate, patient-centered care.

Here at Penn, we are promoting compassionate care through gratitude and wellness. Throughout the week, we have planned lectures, group activities, and discussions surrounding wellness at Penn Med. We are reaching beyond the walls of the medical school to encourage physicians, patients, and families in the hospital to engage in gratitude letter writing- expressing thanks to someone in their lives through a hand written and delivered note. Our goal is to bring gratitude for our friends, support systems, patients, and doctors to the forefront of Penn Med.

You can find a schedule of our events below:

Monday 2/13:

  • 1 PM: Dr. Oana Tomescu lectures on Positive Psychology, JMEC 505 E/W, Lunch provided
  • 2-4 PM: Gratitude Letter tabling, JMEC Atrium

Tuesday 2/14:

  • 12-1 PM: Gratitude Letter tabling, JMEC Atrium
  • 2-4 PM: Gratitude Letter tabling, JMEC Atrium

Wednesday 2/15:

  • 11:30-1 PM: Gratitude Letter Tabling, PCAM Atrium
  • 11:30-1 PM: Gratitude Letter Tabling, HUP Cafeteria
  • 12-2 PM: Gratitude Letter tabling, JMEC Atrium

Thursday 2/16

  • 11:30-1 PM: Gratitude Letter Tabling, PCAM Atrium
  • 11:30-1 PM: Gratitude Letter Tabling, HUP Cafeteria
  • 2-4:30 PM: Gratitude Letter tabling, JMEC Atrium
  • 5 PM: Wrap-Up Gratitude Event - Letter Sharing, JMEC Atrium, Hot chocolate and cookies!

Friday 2/17

  • 11:30-1 PM: Gratitude Letter Tabling, PCAM Atrium
  • 11:30-1 PM: Gratitude Letter Tabling, HUP Cafeteria
  • 12-2 PM: Gratitude Letter tabling in JMEC Atrium


Induction Ceremony

The Perelman Chapter of the Gold Humanism Society formally inducted 27 new members on April 14, 2016. We celebrated with a ceremony led by Senior Vice Dean for Education, Dr. Gail Morrison. 

We also inducted 3 new faculty members:

  • Aba Barden-Maja
  • Benoit DubĂ©
  • Brian Work

The chapter was also pleased to welcome 3 new resident members.

  • Jason Maley
  • Kate Pearson
  • Eli Riddle



Roadmap to MS1 Year

GHHS partnered with the Medical Education Club to provide a "roadmap to medical school" for first-year medical students, which entailed a brief overview of the structure of each semester including logistics, highlights, rewards, and challenges. This event also included a panel to discuss and normalize the challenging aspects of the medical school transition which are often glossed over by upperclassmen reflecting upon their own experiences.


Intro to Clinics

GHHS hosts an "Intro to Clinics" night for second year medical students about to enter their clinical year, hoping to ease their fears by touching upon life in the hospital, logistics of clerkship rotations, and work-life wellness. This event dovetails with a similar but more academically-oriented initiative from the AOA Honor Society.


Outro to Clinics

A new event this year, this will help third year medical students transition out of the structured clinical year and into the realm of electives, sub-internship rotations, and career/residency decisions. GHHS has distributed a list of MS4s willing to serve as academic peer mentors, and will host an event to connect third year students with students advisors to answer their questions about rotation scheduling, research, and the application process.


"Death Over Dinner"

This is an annual spring dinner discussion that takes place in medical student homes, facilitated by students in GHHS. The aim of the discussion is to broach topics such as death and suffering in the hospital, which medical students often encounter but do not necessarily have support in processing.