Global Health Experience Forms/Instructions

GHErequiredformsOn this page you will find all of the forms, checklists, and information sheets you need to meet The Center for Global Health/ Perelman School of Medicine requirements for a global health experience.  If you are just getting started in the planning process, print out the Chronological Planning Checklist to assist you.  To help you manage the forms, we are also providing you with a Table of Required Forms  that can be downloaded and printed for your use.  Please note that most of these forms have sections that can and must be filled electronically before attaching as email documents and/or printing out, as instructed. 


Travel Funds Note

Special CGH funding forms are not currently required. CGH makes all funds available via Direct Deposit. If you are not yet enrolled, do the following, before requesting funds:

When all of your required forms have been submitted, you will receive notification from The Center for Global Health to visit the Penn Travel & Expense Management Page and create an Expense Report via Concur.

During Travel

  • Evaluation (requirement for all students with global health experiences; only exception: Botswana clinical elective)
  • Procedures Log (for students in high-risk clinical assignments in Botswana)
  • Procedures Log (for students in high-risk clinical assignments in non-Botswana locations)
  • Report a Blood or Body Fluids Exposure Incident -- TBA

After Travel

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Table of Required Forms

The table below explains which forms are required under various circumstances and at which point in the global health experience process. When saving forms electronically before attaching in email, please save as "[your name] [form title]" e.g.: "John Doe GH Exp Reg."To use the table below as a checklist, you may wish to download and print.  

Color key

  • No fill indicates form is required 6 weeks before departure
  • Blue fill indicates form is required before all other paperwork
  • Green fill indicates form is required within one week of return


Last updated:  October 4, 2016

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