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Students and professionals interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of global health issues and the tools necessary to address them can find relevant courses across the Penn campus.  The Center for Global Health is responsible for PUB519 Issues in Global Health (details below).  Beyond Penn, a variety of educational opportunities, including tropical medicine courses, can be explored..  


Issues in Global Health

Issues in Global Health:  PUBH 519/Fall 2013/Tuesdays 5-7 PM + 1-hour Breakout Session
This course presents an overview of issues in global health from the viewpoint of many different disciplines, with emphasis on economically less developed countries.  Themes include the state of the planet, including populations, resources, and environment; determinants of global health, ethical perspectives, challenges in communicable and non-communicable disease, and intervention strategies.  You can view the 2015 syllabus here

  • Registration  Please note that before registering for this course, each student is responsible for ensuring that s/he has the approval of the home school.  This is usually accomplished by checking with the home school program coordinator or advisor.  Medical students should contact Helene Weinberg.  

Challenges in Global Health

This one-week Frontiers course is designed for medical students in their final year with a serious interest in global health. Admission is by permission of the course directors and is limited to 12 students. The course assumes a general background in global health and utilizes a problem-solving approach with active student participation, including student-prepared and -led sessions. The course has two components, discussion of selected strategic issues in global health and important methods in global health:

  • Each strategic issue is initiated with a lecture/discussion followed by a student presentation of a relevant case study. Case studies address topics such as control of HIV/AIDS, the great neglected diseases, demography and population dynamics, maternal mortality, and child survival.
  • Each methodological exercise is assigned to 3 students who act as instructors for the rest of the class. For each exercise, the student instructors are given a few structured questions and asked to provide answers using worked examples.

You can view the 2013 syllabus here. Contact Helene Weinberg for more information on registering.  

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Global Health Courses at Penn

The Center for Global Health, working with Schools across the Penn campus, identified a number of courses that could be of interest to students exploring various aspects of global health. Updated in 2012, the Word Document and Excel Worksheet below provide detailed information about these courses. For latest course descriptions, please consult the Registrar's website at:  To ascertain whether the course is offered in a given semester and who is teaching, check the timetable at:

Beyond Penn


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