Global Health Opportunities

australThe Office of The Center for Global Health is a resource for medical students seeking international experiences. We facilitate the process for medical students of the University of Pennsylvania and for those international medical students whose home institutions have affiliation agreements with the University of Pennsylvania.  Our colleagues in the UPHS offer a global health residency track. 

Penn Medical Students

At Penn Med, you are invited to expand your knowledge about and experience in global health.  Opportunities include:

  • international travel focused on research, clinical activities, or public health activities -- in resource-rich or resource-poor countries
  • working with immigrant and/ or native American communities in the USA
  • serving as an interpreter in the UPHS
  • acting as a peer host for a visiting international medical student at Penn
  • taking courses with global health relevance

Students and Graduates from International Institutions

The Office of The Center for Global Health (CGH) can help to facilitate research and clinical experiences at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (SOM). Clinical experiences are restricted to students from a small number of international medical schools that have affiliation agreements with the SOM.   CGH does not place medical school graduates in clinical experiences but may be able to assist with research placements. 

UPHS Residents

In 2008, the Department of Medicine at PennMed launched a track in global health for interested residents.  Major elements in the track are: international rotations in developing countries; continuity clinics in Philadelphia for medically underserved populations; a one-month intensive seminar program; bi-weekly on-line curriculum on relevant topics; monthly speakers and discussions and a scholarly project pertinent to global health.  Some components of the track are also available to residents in other specialties. 

Last updated:  October 20, 2016