GHPrequiredformsThis is the page that Penn medical students should visit regularly to find the logistical and administrative tools they will need to help them throughout the process of planning, engaging in, and reporting back about their global health experiences. 

Planning Guide

Best practice is to consult the chronological planning pages at least 6 to 12 months before your planned departure and to return to these pages often (bookmark) throughout the planning process and after your return.  It is possible to create a successful plan with less time but Student Health Service visits and related vaccinations, passport and visa requirements, and special funding opportunities require greater lead time.  Plans for hands-on clinical experiences require early clearance from The Center for Global Health before proceeding. 


On this page you will find checklists and information designed to help you plan your global health experiences.  If you are just getting started in the planning process, print out the Chronological Planning Checklist to assist you in the timing of the various steps in the planning process.  The forms/instructions/checklists you will need at various stages are all accessible below.  They are organized according to when they are needed -- pre-travel, during travel, and after travel.  In an attempt to help you manage this complicated set of forms, we are also providing you with a table of required forms.  A clear printable version can be downloaded and printed for your use.  Please note that the majority of these forms have sections that can and must be filled electronically before attaching as email documents and/or printing out, as instructed. 


It is wise to consider your personal financial situation as early as possible in the process of planning a global health experience so that you can be realistic when considering various sites. Financial support for international experiences is limited.   Competitive funding can require applications 6 to 18 months before the departure date.  Some funding sources are site or program-specific. When applicable, you will find this information on our Global Health Opportunities pages. General support from a number of entities, including The Center for Global Health (CGH) is typically not tied to a specific site.  

Travel Info

General information to review early in the planning process. Learn about health and safety related to your planned destination/s.  Ensure that you have a passport that is valid for the duration of your trip plus six months beyond (required by some countries).   Check on visa requirements months in advance.  Review International SOS benefits and policy regarding post-exposure prophylaxis (in the event of exposure to blood or other body fluids.

Videos on Clinical Topics for Low-Resource Areas

If you are approved to participate in a clinical activity in a low-resource area (including Botswana), it is important that you view these videos before departure.  They were prepared for you by Penn faculty with support from The Center for Global Health.

Watch videos on Clinical Topics for Low-Resource Areas:

*Microsoft Silverlight plugin is required to watch the following videos.

Last updated:  October 20, 2016