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Lab Members

Melissa Baxter, Research Specialist email
Jesse Isaacman-Beck, Neuroscience graduate student email
Dr. Juliane Bremer, postdoctoral fellow email
Melissa Ducommun, CAMB student email
Katherine Gribble, Neuroscience graduate student email
Dr. Kurt Marsden, postdoctoral fellow email
Patti Murphy, Neurocience graduate student email
Dr. Jessica Nelson, postdoctoral fellow email
Dr. Owen Randlett, postdoctoral fellow email
Hannah Shoenhard, Neuroscience graduate student email

Lab Alumni

Hannah Bell (2011-2014) MD/PhD student, University of Rochester Dr. Michael Gyda (2002-2007) Camille Syrett: Graduate Student, UPENN
Dr. Santanu Banerjee (2006-2014): Research Associate, Syracuse University. Dr. Julie Lefebvre (2000-2005): Faculty, SickKids, Toronto Dr. Julie Waterbury (1999-2001): Group Leader, Merck & Co.
Dr. Harold Burgess (2001-2008): Group leader, NIH Dr. Kristin Lorent (1998-2001): Research Associate, UPENN. Dr. Marc Wolman (2007-2013), Faculty, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Dr. Gerald Downes (1999-2005): Faculty, University of Massachusetts- Amherst. Dr. Kelly Palaisa (2003-2007): Group Leader, DuPont Dr. Joerg Zeller (1997-2001): Research Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Dr. Laura Gordon (2007-20011): Temple Law School. Dr. Allison Rosenberg (2008-2014): Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University Dr. Jing Zhang (1998-2001): Faculty, University of Wisconsin- Madison.
Shuxia Zhao
Dr. Roshan Jain (2008-2015): Assistant Professor Haverford College Dr. Rajiv Sainath (2006-2012): Postdoctoral Fellow, Temple University.  
Dr. Lili Jing (2004-2009): postdoctoral Fellow, Children's Hospital Boston Dr. Valerie Schneider (Genome Curator, NIH)  

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