Graduate Training in Medical Science (GTMS)

Current Students

Name Graduate Group Start Year Email Thesis topic or Interest
Kryshawna Beard PGG 2017  
Zvi Cramer CAMB CB 2017  
Miriam Doepner CAMB CB 2017  
Shivesh Ghura PGG 2017  
Rebecca Glynn CAMB CB 2017  
Yaoyu Gong CAMB 2017  
Rina Kim IGG 2017  
Suying Liu CAMB GTV 2017  
Gloria Marino CAMB CB 2017  
Neha Nataraj IGG 2017  
Pankhuri Singhal CAMB G&E 2017  
Kahealani Uehara BMB 2017  
Karen Acosta BMB 2016  
Bonnie Douglas IGG 2016 immune regulation at barrier sites
Emily Fabyanic PGG 2016  
Olivia Farrelly CAMB CPM 2016  
Grant Grothusen CAMB CB 2016  
Austin Huffman IGG 2016 cancer immunotherapy
Nathan Kendsersky PGG 2016  
Yekaterina Kori BMB 2016  
Nathan Krump CAMB MVP 2016  
Jennifer Luppino CAMB G&E 2016  
Dania Malik PGG 2016  
Tomaz Manzoni CAMB MVP 2016  
Danielle Minichino CAMB CPM 2016  
Mailyn Nishiguchi CAMB DSRB 2016  
Joshua Parris CAMB CB 2016  
Erin Reagan CAMB GTV 2016  
Clarissa Rous CAMB CB 2016  
Alexander Salomon CAMB DSRB 2016  
Tiffany Tsang CAMB CB 2016  
Rebekah Brooks CAMB CB 2015  
Keith Campagno PGG 2015  
Marco Carpenter PGG 2015  
Monika Eiva CAMB CB 2015 Determining the coordinated inhibitory molecule expression profile of tumor-reactive TIL and their relationship to CD137+ TIL relative dysfunction and anti-tumor potency
Ernest Monahan Vargas CAMB DSRB 2015  
Katherine Quiroz-Figueroa CAMB GTV 2015  
Jennifer Shah CAMB CB 2015  
Dirk Auman BMB 2014 Protein engineering and targeted therapeutics
Analise Grunewald NGG 2014 Heme oxygenase-1 regulation of blood brain barrier function in the pathogenesis of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
Claudia Lanauze CAMB CB 2014 SMAD4 in colorectal cancer
Dylan Marchione PGG 2014 Pharmacogenetics and psychiatry
Robert Norgard CAMB CB 2014 Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Pancreatic Cancer
Izmarie Poventud-Fuentes PGG 2014 Targeted drug delivery
Zeyu Chen CAMB CB 2014 T cell response during viral infection and cancer progression.
Christopher Greer CAMB DSRB 2014 Stem cell engineering
Sanika Khare CAMB CB 2014 Tumor Metabolism
Kalyani Nambiar CAMB MVP 2014 Host-pathogen interactions
Lisa Cucolo CAMB CPM 2013 tumor immunotherapy
Colleen Harrington CAMB CB 2013 therapeutic apoptosis
Lillian Lim CAMB DSRB 2013 human disease
Lumena Louis PGG 2013 effects of IL36 isoforms administered as plasmid in conjunction with DNA vaccines
Julianne Rieders CAMB GTV 2013 Gene therapy for neurodegenerative disease
Alexandra Stanley CAMB DSRB 2013 Muscle Regeneration and Mechanobiology
Frances Taschuk CAMB MVP 2013 contributions of the nucleolar helicase proteins DDX24 and DDX56 to cellular innate antiviral defenses
Sarah Welsh BMB 2013 epigenetics and disease
Elizabeth Dempsey BMB 2012 Imaging and targeted therapy
Kristy Ou PGG 2012 cardiovascular disease
Srihari Sritharan NGG 2012 Neuroengineering and Neuroeconomics
Mark Yarmarkovich CAMB CB 2012 cancer stem cells
Melissa Ducommun CAMB DSRB 2011 regenerative medicine
Bihui Xu CAMB CB 2011 cancer biology


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