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Child and Parent Center - Program Description

Child and Parent Playgroups

Child and Parent Playgroups are facilitated by professionals with a background in child development and parent education.  The groups provide parents with the opportunity to talk informally with their facilitator and with other parents, to enjoy uninterrupted quality time with their child in a stimulating, child-friendly environment, and to participate is structured group activities, snack, story time, movement activities and songs.

Exploring Parenthood I & II

Exploring Parenthood I & II are discussion groups for first-time parents with infants from six weeks up to six months of age.  The groups are facilitated by professionals with experience in newborn care, child development, and adjustment to parenthood.  Parents gain information and support to enable them to feel more confident in their parenting role.  There is time for informal discussions and for parents and babies to enjoy a variety of baby games, stories, and songs.

Your Younger Baby

Your Younger Baby is specifically for families with more than one child.  Issues related to parenting siblings are discussed, with an emphasis on encouraging positive sibling relationships and managing the additional demands that come with parenting more than one child.  There is time for play activities, snack, stories, and songs.  The group starts and ends one half hour earlier than usual to allow parents ample time to drop off and pick up older siblings at preschool.



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