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Child and Parent Center - Feedback

Parent Feedback About Their Experience at Child and Parent Center:

Our facilitator was great in taking time every week to talk to the parents about problems or issues that arise during the week.

She always gives us handouts and articles about parenting and development.

It‘s a very nice and comfortable environment.

Our facilitator is great.  We will continue to be a part of the playgroup until my daughter is too old for the program.

I liked the organized activities.  Making muffins are our favorite.  Also songs and guitar time are great.  The facilitator is friendly and effective at keeping things orderly.  Mainly, I liked the openness and casual atmosphere for discussions and the facilitator’s interaction with my child.

The art work is great- we have them all up on our fridge.  The handouts have been very informative.  The facilitator is great.  I love the way the kids sing and play together.

The facilitated play and discussions were most helpful.

All was great!  We love making muffins together and the crafts.  Getting to talk about pressing/relevant issues with other moms was helpful. 

They have excellent facilities and activities.  The facilitator does a great job with creative art projects and good discussions.  Most helpful was discussing various developmental issues and parenting issues as well as socialization for the kids.

The facilitator always had good suggestions and advice.  She is an excellent and valuable resource.

Art activities were fantastic.  The room equipment continues to thrill the kids.  The camaraderie and handouts were great.  Seeing the children develop was wonderful.  Keep doing what you are doing!

The activities and materials were varied each week and developmentally appropriate.  The facilitator was very supportive and informative. Most helpful was the group support and discussions.

It is a wonderful space.  Toys are rotated out each week.  Group snack is always fun!

Love the assortment of toys and activities each week.  The facilitator is wonderful at discussion topics, handouts, advice and new activities.  I enjoyed the interaction of my child with other children and mothers, and the facilitator’s advice and guidance.  She was always available, even before and after class.

Thanks to your staff for helping prepare my daughter for day-care!  Because of her experiences at the Child and Parent Center she was able to make an easy adjustment to her day-care program and now is flourishing in her new school at the Penn Children’s Center.  We hope to come back to Child and Parent Center again someday.  

I would not be the mother I am without Child & Parent Center.  I get my best advice there.




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