Department of Psychiatry

Penn Behavioral Health

Center Policies

Cancellation/Make-Up Policy

It is our policy to close the center when the Philadelphia School District is closed due to hazardous weather.  We may also decide to cancel groups if walking conditions are unsafe for families with young children.  Group members will be notified by phone if it is necessary to cancel a group.  We also leave a voice mail message at 215-829-5555 when groups are canceled. 

We do not pro-rate or reimburse you for groups you are unable to attend for personal reasons, or for groups canceled due to inclement weather.  However, you will be given a pass to attend a make-up session.  The make-up pass will be valid only for the winter session.  We suggest you coordinate a make-up play date with other families in your group who have missed sessions.  You need to call the center in advance to schedule your make-up session.

Child and Parent Center's Health Policy

All families who are applying for our program are asked to submit a copy of their child’s up-to-date immunization record along with their application.  Immunizations are not required for participation in our program; however, having access to this information would be important in the event of an exposure to a vaccine-preventable illness.  To ensure the well-being of the children participating in our program, we ask that all group participants carefully review and follow our GUIDELINES FOR REDUCING THE INCIDENCE OF CONTAGIOUS ILLNESS which will be distributed in group.

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