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Adult Behavioral Health Services

Intake Continuity of Care Services

Intake and Continuity of Care Service provides adults with serious and persistent mental health problems a range of services including: an initial triage, a level of care assessment, a comprehensive biopsychosocial psychiatric evaluation, short-term treatment, and linkages to appropriate services.  This year the program instituted a Level of Care Assessment (LOCA) in order to best match new  clients needs to the appropriate services at Hall Mercer or elsewhere and decreased wait time for initial psychiatric evaluation appointment.

Blended Case Management (Adult)

Blended Case Management (Adult) provides an intensive level of case management and psychiatric services to a target population of severely and persistently mentally ill adult consumers, and their families. Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, and Thai, including sub-dialects) who emphasize working within the consumer’s culture in order to provide optimum care.

ACCESS Intensive Case Management Program

ACCESS Intensive Case Management Program a “Targeted Case Management” and Community Outreach program specifically designed to engage, enroll and provide support services and psychiatric treatment to a population of seriously mentally ill (SMI) homeless individuals. 

Prevention and Recovery Services (PARS - RC) (Adult)

Prevention and Recovery Services (PARS), formerly Resource Coordination (RC), provides support services to a target population of severely and persistently mentally ill adult consumers, and their families, to help them maintain the highest level of independent functioning they are capable of achieving in their community.

Homeless Outreach Services

Shelter Outreach Service: Shelter Outreach Coordinator visits several primary point of intake and residential homeless shelters in the center city area to identify, triage and engage into treatment consumers who have not otherwise been identified for mental health services. 

  • Dual-diagnosis Outpatient Service
  • Supported Independent Living Programs 



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