Required courses

Elective courses

The courses in the HMGS Program consist of lectures, anatomical and histological labs, student presentations, a DVD series called “Understanding the Human Body: An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology" created by the Teaching Company, the Virtual Curriculum of Penn Medical School, and up-to-date online material.

BIOM 502: Molecular Basis of Disease

BIOM 600: Cell Biology

CAMB 532: Human Physiology

CAMB 510 (IMUN 510): Immunology for CAMB Students

2 Bench to Bedside Electives

+ clinical experience or translational lab rotation

Any elective with clinical relevance may be a Bench to Bedside elective, subject to approval from the Program director.

CAMB 530: Seminar in Cell Cycle and Cancer

CAMB 542: Topics in Molecular Medicine

CAMB 630: Topics in Human Genetics and Disease

CAMB 609: Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics

CAMB 610: Molecular Basis of Gene Therapy

CAMB 617: Emerging Infectious Diseases

BIOL 513 (GCB 513): Evolution in Cancer

CAMB 590: Biology of Pathogens

INSC 670 (PHRM 670): Current Topics in Neuropharmacology

PHRM 550 (INSC576, PSYC750): Advanced Topics in Neuropsychopharmacology

PHRM 590: Molecular Toxicology: Chemical and Biological Mechanisms

PHRM 600: Medical Pharmacology

PHRM 623: Fundamentals of Pharmacology