Bridging the gap between the lab and the clinic

Having a textbook understanding of medicine is not enough for successful translational scientists. Translational science also relies on an understanding of how to work effectively with clinicians, and what problems matter most to medical professionals. To become better translational scientists, our students participate in clinical clerkships, which provide first hand experience in a clinical setting.

Bringing together a diverse range of medical research fields

Our program consists of students from all programs in the UPenn biomedical graduate school. We bring together students in biochemistry and molecular biophysics, cell and molecular biology, epidemiology and biostatistics, genomics and computational biology, immunology, neuroscience, and pharmacology.

Providing a greater depth of medical education for our PhD candidates

As part of the certificate program, our students participate in additional, medically related coursework, and attend GTMS seminars which discuss the bleeding edge of translational medicine. Our students also take part in an annual symposium where they spend two days meeting with students from other universities to discuss science and medicine.