HMGS Symposium 2014

Gene Therapy and Immunotherapeutics

Genetic and immunological therapies hold great promise to make advances in the treatment of diverse pathologies, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, HIV, and blindness. Gene therapy and immunotherapeutics research connects basic scientific advances with translational therapeutics, spanning the divide between bench and bedside. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have contributed to advances in gene transfer and rationally designed immune therapeutics in multiple diseases, bringing technological advances from development to implementation in clinical trials.

Keynote speaker Katharine High will discuss her ground-breaking work on gene therapies for hemophilia.

Faculty Presentations

Friday, June 13 2:30PM
Clinical Research Building Auditorium

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Poster Session

Saturday, June 14 9:00AM - 10:00AM
Biomedical Research Building, 14th floor

Students will present posters on their research across diverse topics.

Med into Grad Scholar Presentations

Saturday, June 14 10:00AM - 12:00PM
Biomedical Research Building, 14th floor

Students from across the Northeast will present their research. This is an excellent opportunity to make new connections across the HHMI Med into Grad Scholars program and share scientific insight with the greater scientific community.