The Human Adipose Resource aims to provide consultation and services to IDOM investigators in the use of experimental systems derived from human adipose tissue.  We currently provide en bloc adipose tissue recovered at surgery, along with blood samples from the same subjects.  Frozen banked tissue is available for analysis of protein expression, RNA, immunohistochemistry, and other uses, while fresh tissue can be provided for cell culture, fractionation, and other more sensitive assays. 

Our study team collects adipose tissue from the four following approaches:

  1. Bariatric surgery at Presbyterian Hospital
  2. Subcutaneous fat biopsy from lean subjects
  3. General gastrointestinal surgery from lean subjects
  4. Body contouring surgery

For inquiries, contact:

Clinical Research Coordinator:
William Patterson, BA
Phone: 201-421-6970

Raymond Soccio, MD, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Phone: 215-573-4576