Pancreatic Islet Cell Biology Core - Staff

Franz Matchinsky

Dr. Franz Matschinsky serves as core Director and he is involved in all aspects of the operation of the core.



Doris StoffersDr. Doris A. Stoffers serves as the Co-director. She is responsible for working with Dr. Matchinsky with all aspects of the core.

Nicolai DolibaDr. Nicolai Doliba serves as the Technical Director. He participates in the planning of all islet studies and supervises or performs many of the actual measurements. He is responsible for operating the Ca 2+, NAD(P)H imaging setup, maintaining and operating the system for optical analysis of O 2 consumption, participating also in the development of a more sensitive instrument. He also does cell work involving NMR technology.




Qin Wei

Qin Wei: Mrs. Wei masters all procedures associated with islet cell isolation, culture and functional testing.





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