Radioimmunoassay and Biomarkers Core

Director: Michael Rickels, M.D., M.S.
Technical Director: Heather Collins, Ph.D.
Smilow Center for Translational Resarch - First Floor, SCTR 1-173

The assay service has proven essential for current research in the DRC and Penn community. The core used to focus mainly on rat and human insulin, glucagon and C-peptide to a diverse, high-volume and cost-effective service. Over 50 different diabetes and endocrinology-related markers can be assayed.

In conjunction with the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC), we are now offering multiple analyte (multiplex) services. As part of a collaborative initiative, Dr. Collins initiated and established Luminex IS100 multiplex ELISA services. This system uses cell-sorting technology to measure multiple proteins simultaneously. This technology will be of great use for investigators studying transgenic mice, where sample volumes are low. In addition, the multiplex platform allows for screening of human cohorts in disease research particularly of small volume in repeated sampling protocols.

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The objectives of the Radioimmunoassay and Biomarker Core includes:

Given the nature of the DRC Biomarker Core services (high-throughput, increasing need for expensive technology and informatics, potential for redundancy across other University NIH-sponsored cores), we have proactively engaged in collaborative and cost-sharing initiatives with the GCRC core laboratory. This has involved

(1) when appropriate encouragement of DRC and GCRC investigators to join both centers;

(2) reduction in overlap and redundancy as well as increased use of DRC specific services for investigators in both centers (e.g., DRC insulin and endocrine assay services for GCRC investigators),

(3) collaboration and cost sharing in establishing multiplex services, and

(4) cost-sharing purchase of STATLIA software for use on DRC gamma counters and Luminex platform.


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