Viral Vector Core - Overview

The main objective of the Viral Vector Core is to provide DRC center members access to state- of-the-

art vector technology for preclinical studies. In order to facilitate vector creation and production, the

professional staff, using a state-of-the-art facility, will carry out the following:

1) Production of viral vectors derived from adeno-associated viruses (AAV), adenoviruses, and lentiviruses

as well as the production of non-viral vectors for use in basic research;

2) Work with DRC investigators to develop vectors or recombinant viruses specifically of use to

DRC members;

3) Development of gene transfer vectors that will be superior to those of previous generations;

4) Submission of the vectors produced to the Bioassay Core to determine the quantity, purity and potency

of the vectors produced;

5) Development of a web-based database to enable DRC members to request services, monitor the status of vector production, and access historical data on vectors produced by their laboratory.

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Viral Vector Core


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