Diabetes and Metabolism Graduate Student Interest Group

Past Invited Speaker List

February 15, 2011

Greg Barsh, MD, PhD

Gred Barsh, MD, PhD
Professor, Stanford University
"Genetics of Color Variation: Model Systems and Model Organisms in a Post Genome World

Co-sponsored by the School of Veterinary Medicine.


November 2, 2010

Streamson Chua, MD, PhD

Streamson Chua, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Leptin Independent Mechanisms that Control Body Fat Content”

April 27, 2010

Jeffrey M. Friedman


Jeffrey M. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D.
Marilyn M. Simpson Professor;
Investigator, HHMI
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics


January 12, 2010

Christopher Wright


Christopher V. Wright, D.Phil

Director of the Program in Developmental Biology
Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology
Endowed Chair in Molecular Diabetes Research




September 15, 2008

Ronald M. Evans, Ph.D.

Ron Evans, Ph.D. The Salk Institute.

Title: “PPARs: Running Around Obesity”


October 28, 2008

Philipp E Scherer, Ph.D.

Philipp E Scherer, Ph.D. UT Southwestern Medical School.

Title: “Pathophysiology of Adipose Tissue and beta Cells in Obesity and Diabetes”


January 15, 2008

Morris White, PhD

Morris White, Ph.D.
Department of Medicine, Endrocrine Division, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital Boston

"Insulin and IRS2 Signaling in the Coordination of Lifespan and Hoemostasis"



May 1, 2007

Daniel P. Kelly, M.D.
Scientific Director, Professor Cardiovascular Pathobiology

Sanford-Burnham at Lake Nona


February 6, 2007

Seung K. Kim, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Developmental Biology
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Stanford University School of Medicine


February 21, 2006


Steven E. Shoelson, MD, PhD
Section Head, Cellular & Molecular Physiology, Joslin Diabetes Center

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School


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