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Location: PennAccess: Houston Hall

3417 Spruce Street . Philadelphia . PA . 19104 - View Map

Entrance Information:

1. The main entrance is located in the center of the north side of the building. A shallow ramp leads to the door, and inside a second shallow ramp leads to the first floor, and the main reception desk.
2. There is an entrance to the ground floor on the east side of the building. This door is manual and opens outward. This door enters into the Hall of Flags, where events are often held. It is intended more as an exit than an entrance to the building.

* The Spruce St. entrances have stairs to the doors.
* The two entrances to the left and right of the main door on the north side of the building are level outside, but open into stairwells. Once inside, there are either four steps up to the first floor, or twenty down to the ground floor.

Elevator Information:

* There are two elevators in this building, one on the west side and one on the east side. The western elevator is the only one that accesses the third floor.

Accessible Restrooms:

* Ground floor - men's and women's
* First floor - men's and women's
* Second floor - two men's, two women's
* Third floor - men's and women's

Building Information:

* This building houses the Office of Student Life on the second floor. There are many meeting rooms and spaces throughout the building where student groups meet.
* The first floor is divided into large, open, informal meeting areas; some of these areas are two steps up and inaccessible. There are many meeting areas that are accessible, however, and any meeting could be moved to an accessible location.
* All areas on the upper floors are accessible except the second floor theater stage which has four steps up. The seating area of the theater is accessible.
* Houston Market, located on the ground floor, is accessible. Ramps lead down from the level that the elevator reaches to the level of the Market itself. Ramps also access the seating area.
* There are accessible water fountains located near most of the restrooms.
* For a remote control device, call Affirmative Action 215.898.6993.



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