Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit

The Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit in the IDOM is focused on the intersection between metabolism and cardiovascular disease. Its major focus is to bring together investigators and clinicians who are interested in the interface between metabolism and cardiovascular disease in order to facilitate basic, translational, and clinical research in this area. As such, the Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit will provide a concrete bridge between the IDOM and the new Cardiovascular Institute, as well as interface with the new Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics.

Specific areas of focus within the Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit are:

  1. The etiology, pathogenesis, complications, and management of the metabolic syndrome.
  2. The etiology and pathogenesis of and development of novel therapeutic approaches to lipid and lipoprotein disorders.
  3. The intersection between insulin resistant and dyslipidemic states with atherosclerosis in animal models and humans.
  4. The etiology and treatment of fatty liver, particularly in insulin resistant states.
  5. The etiology, pathogenesis, and therapy of lipotoxic cardiomyopathy

Core activities of the Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit include a monthly meeting to discuss new translational research initiatives as well as monthly seminar series focused on both external and internal speakers. All basic scientists, translational and clinical researchers, and clinicians interested in the intersection between metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease are welcome to be part of this unit.

The Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit is closely related to the Cardiovascular Metabolism and Complications focus area of the DRC.

Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit Members

Charles S. Abrams Marni Joy Falk Michael S. Parmacek
Zoltan Pierre Arany Philip Richard Gehrman Liming Pei
Michael John Bennett Mitchel Allan Kling Daniel J. Rader
Jean Bennett Frank S. Lee Muredach P. Reilly
Lawrence F. Brass Mingyao Li Dejian Ren
Thomas P. Cappola Joseph R Libonati Steven S. Scherer
Russ P. Carstens David J. Margolis Katalin Susztak
Maurizio Franco Cereda Susan S Margulies Raymond R. Townsend
Samuel K Chacko Emile R. Mohler Robert L. Wilensky
Anuja Dokras Allan I. Pack James M. Wilson


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Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit


Dan Rader, MD

Dan Rader, MD
Cardiovascular Metabolism Unit