IFEM Imaging and Morphology Core
Institute for Environmental Medicine
University of Pennsylvania


The IFEM Imaging and Morphology Core provides optical and electron microscopy services to research carried out within or associated with the Institute for Environmental Medicine (IFEM). Since its establishment in 1981, the Core has specialized in developing optical and ultra-structural methods for examining lung morphology and physiology. In addition, the Core collaborates with the broader Penn research community to apply advanced imaging techniques to biological, chemical and material research. There are three multi-tasking optical imaging platforms and one scanning/transmission electron microscope in the Core, including a start-of-art Zeiss LSM 510 Meta confocal and multiphoton microscope. These microscopes are supported by four tissue sectioning machines capable of preparing live, fixed, frozen or resin-embedded samples with thickness ranged from 50 nm to a few millimeters. For image processing and analysis, the Core has the commercial MetaMorph Image Analysis suite and the freeware ImageJ. In addition, an eight-CPU workstation in the Core hosts hundreds of custom-developed software for challenging problems such as deconvolution, tracking, 3D-image display and analysis, imaging simulation, etc. The Core director is available to discuss your imaging experiments before using the core services.