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Laurel Monticelli
"Regulation of tissue homeostasis by innate lymphoid cells"
Mentor: David Artis, PhD

William Comrie
"Opposing Actin Networks Modulate the Mechano-Activation of the Integrin LFA-1 During Immunological Synapse Formation"
Mentor: Janis Burkhardt, PhD

Sheena Baratono
"Toll-like receptor 9 and interferon-gamma receptor signaling suppress the B cell fate of uncommitted progenitors in mice"
Mentor: Edward Behrens, MD, PhD


Will Bailis
"Non-instructional roles for Notch signaling in T cell development"
Mentor: Warren Pear, MD, PhD

Ellen De Obaldia
"T-lineage specification and commitment requires constraint of myeloid gene expression programs by HES1"
Mentor: Avinash Bhandoola, PhD

Vered Gigi
"The RAG2 C terminus participates in repair pathway choice in vivo and suppresses lymphomagenesis"
Mentor: David Roth, MD, PhD

Amanda Schmidt
"The role of proximal TCR signaling in regulatory T cell development and function"
Mentor: Taku Kambayashi, MD, PhD

Shirley Zhang
"Understanding T cell recovery following thymus injury"
Mentor: Avinash Bhandoola, PhD

MAY 2014

Erika Crosby
“The role of CD8 T cells in the pathogenesis of cutaneous leishmaniasis”
Mentor: Phillip Scott, PhD

Dawson Gerhardt
"The role of the Notch1 TAD in embryonic development and hematopoiesis"
Mentor: Warren Pear, MD, PhD

Carolyn Gray
“Mechanisms of non-canonical NF-κB regulation”
Mentor: Michael J. May, PhD

Sagie Wagage
“Roles for the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in the immune response to Toxoplasma Gondii”
Mentor: Christopher Hunter, PhD


Burton Earle Barnett
"Asymmetric B cell division in the germinal center reaction"
Mentor: Steven L. Reiner, MD

Lisa Geary Barnett
"Regulation of germinal centers and follicular helper t cells by mhcii+ antigen presenting cells"
Mentor: Terri Marilyn Laufer, MD

Irene Chernova
"Cellular basis of antibody maintenance: heterogeneity of the bone marrow plasma cell pool"
Mentor: David Michael Allman, PhD

Kaycie C. Hopkins
"The RNA decapping machinery is a conserved anti-bunyaviral restriction factor"
Mentor: Sara Cherry, PhD

Rohan Prakash Joshi
"Regulation of T cell receptor signaling by diacylglycerol kinases and phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins"
Mentor: Gary A. Koretzky, MD, PhD

Lisa L. Korn
"The role of antigen-specific signals in the regulation of CD4+ T cell niches in the intestine"
Mentor: Terri Marilyn Laufer, MD

Peter Morawski
"Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 regulates Foxp3 and regulatory T cell function"
Mentor: Andrew D. Wells, PhD

Ryan H. Moy
"An evolutionarily conserved role for autophagy in antiviral defense"
Mentor: Sara Cherry, PhD

Shaun O'Brien
"The role of Ikaros in CD8+ T cell biology"
Mentor: Andrew D. Wells, PhD

Aisling O'Hara
"Impact of IL-27 on regulatory T cell responses"
Mentor: Christopher A. Hunter, PhD

Olivia A. Perng
"The influence of CD4+ T cell affinity for self-antigen on the development of inflammatory arthritis"
Mentor: Andrew Caton, PhD

Sheila Rao
"Tyrosine phosphorylation and structural requirements mediate Toll-like receptor 9 function"
Mentor: Edward M. Behrens, MD

Sean P. Spencer
"Regulation of intestinal innate immunity by dietary vitamin A "
Mentor: Yasmine Belkaid, PhD

Rena Zheng
"The function of GATA factors in the adult liver"
Mentor: Gerd A. Blobel, MD, PhD


Michael Oropallo
"B cell homeostasis and activation following spinal cord injury or stimulation by TLR9 linked antigens"
Mentor: Michael Paul Cancro, PhD

Karla Rose Wiehagen
"Forkhead transcription factors FoxP1 and FoxP4 regulate T cell development and function"
Mentor: Jonathan Maltzman, MD, PhD