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NIH Graduate Partnerships Program

Penn's Immunology Graduate Group and the Immunologists at National Institutes of Health have forged a partnership that further enriches our students' educational experience and research opportunities. A distinguished group of investigators from the Bethesda, MD campus of the NIH has joined the University of Pennsylvania faculty in Immunology, enhancing our program in areas such as structural biology, human genetics, and cell biology, specifically as they relate to Immunology. The partnership brings to the IGG the extraordinary resources and scientific expertise present at the NIH, one of the largest and most renowned biomedical research centers in the world.

Educational opportunities on the NIH campus are offered to all Immunology graduate students. The NIH faculty participate fully in all aspects of our teaching programs at Penn's Philadelphia campus, including lectures, journal club, directed readings courses, and service on thesis committees. The partnership also allows a limited proportion of each entering class to pursue rotation and thesis research in the NIH laboratories. This program is coordinated with the NIH's Graduate Partnerships Program.