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Carolina Lopez and Gudrun Debes and Trainees Awarded AAI Careers in immunology Fellowship

Drs. Carolina Lopez and Gudrun Debes, along with trainees Jie Xuand Daniela Gómez Atria (respectively) have recieved the American Association of Immunologists Careers in Immunology Fellowship. The program provides independent research scientists with one year
of salary support for a predoctoral student or a postdoctoral fellow in their labs...More

IGG Faculty Receive Penn Medicine Awards of Excellence

IGG faculty Gerd Blobel, MD, PhD and James Riley, PhD are honored for their distinguished work at Penn. Dr. Blobel received the Stanley N. Cohen Biomedical Research Award and Dr. Riley was awarded the Lady Barbara Colyton Prize for Autoimmune Research...More

David Weiner Developed Technology Being Used to Develop Ebola Vaccine

Technology developed by David Weiner, PhD is being used to create a vaccine for Ebola. Inovio Pharmaceuticals, a local biotech company, will begin human trials next year...More

Youhai Chen Collaborates on New Cancer Drug Target Focused on Lipid Chemical Messengers

Youhai Chen, MD, PhD and Senior Research Investigator Svetlana Fayngert recently published their work on TIPE3, a transfer protein for phosphoinositide second messengers. Their research, "TIPE3 Is the Transfer Protein of Lipid Second Messengers that Promote Cancer" is in the September 19th edition of Cancer Cell. Dr. Chen is an IGG faculty member and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine...More

Arjun Raj Recieves NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program Award

IGG faculty member and Bioengineering professor Arjun Raj, PhD is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award. Dr. Raj's project, "Unraveling homeostatic mechanisms in gene expression regulation: Integrating research and scientific communication" includes a focus on training graduate students...More

Cancer Immunotherapy Highlight of Penn's New Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics

Penn Medicine announced plans for the construction of the Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics (CACT) which will be the locus of of research using Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) technology. A CAR T cell therapy developed by IGG's Carl June, has been used to treat patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)...More

David Artis Lab on the Cover of Science

Postdoctoral fellow Lisa Osborne, PhD, and senior author Dr. David Artis discuss their recently-published article in Science that demonstrated that mice already infected with parasitic helminths were worse at fighting viral infection...More

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