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Tuesdays @ 4:00 pm
Austrian Auditorium, Clinical Research Building

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January 17
Yasmine Belkaid, PhD
Senior Investigator, Mucosal Immunology Section
"Microbial imprinting: context and consequences of host microbiota interactions"

January 24
Ellen Rothenberg, PhD
Albert Billings Ruddock Professor of Biology
"Dynamic remodeling of the epigenetic landscape by transcription factors in lymphoid lineage specification"

January 31
Dan R. Littman, MD, PhD
Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Professor of Molecular Immunology, Department of Pathology
Professor, Department of Microbiology
NYU School of Medicine
“Education of T cells by the microbiota”

February 7
Andre Nussenzweig, PhD
NIH Distinguished Investigator
Branch Chief, Laboratory of Genome Integrity (LGI)
National Cancer Institute, NIH
"Mechanism of Genome Stability"

February 14
Ignacio Sanz, MD
Professor of Medicine & Pediatrics
Chief, Division of Rheumatology
Mason I. Lowance Chair of Allergy & Immunology
Emory University School of Medicine
"A naïve view of B cell regulation in human SLE"

February 21
Francisco Javier Quintana, PhD
Associate Scientist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

February 28
Catherine Wu, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Associate Physician, Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"Building Personalized Cancer Vaccines"

March 7
Facundo D. Batista, PhD
Principal Investigator
Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
“The who, how, and where of B cell activation”

March 14
Gabriel Nuñez, MD
Paul de Kruif Endowed Professor, Inflammation & Immunology
Co-Director, Immunology and Host Response Program
Department of Pathology
University of Michigan School of Medicine
"Regulation of Pathogen Colonization by Host Immunity and the Microbiota"

March 21
Mark Anderson, MD, PhD
Director, UCSF Medical Scientist Training Program
Robert B. Friend and Michelle M. Friend Endowed Chair in Diabetes Research
UCSF Diabetes Center
“Unraveling central tolerance through the Autoimmune regulator”

March 28
Eric Pamer, MD
Infectious Diseases Physician
Head, Division of General Medicine
Enid A. Haupt Chair in Clinical Investigation
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
“Innate immune and microbiota-mediated defense against intestinal infection”

April 4
Greg Barton, PhD
Class of ’36 Chair and Professor of Immunology and Pathogenesis
University of California, Berkley
"Mechanisms of self versus non-self discrimination in the immune system"

April 18
Steven F. Ziegler, PhD
Director, Academic Affairs
Director, Immunology Research Program
Benaroya Research Institute
“Type 2 Inflammation: from allergy to cancer”

April 25
Mandy L. Ford, PhD
Associate Professor, Division of Transplantation, Department of Surgery
Emory University School of Medicine
“Coinhibitory Receptor Control of Donor-Reactive Memory T Cell Responses in Transplantation.”

May 2
Irina Udalova, PhD
Professor of Molecular Immunology
Kennedy Institute for Rheumatology, NDORMS
University of Oxford
“Transcriptional control of myeloid cell function in inflammation”

May 9
Matthew F. Krummel, PhD
Department of Pathology
University of California, San Francisco
“Visualizing Immunity and Tolerance”

May 23
Susan K. Pierce, PhD
Senior Investigator, Lymphocyte Activation Section
"Infection-induced changes in the B cell's perception of antigen"

Funding for the Spring 2017 Immunology Collquium is provided by the Penn Institute for Immunology, the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the Department of Pathobiology, the Penn Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), the Department of Medicine, and the Department of Surgery.



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