The June Lab

Clinical Trial Unit

(Last Updated 07/2017)

The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) operates under the auspices of the Center for Cellular Immunotherapies (CCI) Medical Affairs Department under the direction of Dr. David Porter. As head of Medical Affairs, Dr. Porter engages with CCI as a thought leader in developing innovative cellular therapies, collaborates in trial design, provides medical expertise, weighs in on scientific merit of the trials, and identifies unmet medical needs and opportunities for pioneering new technologies. The CTU is under the direct management of its Administrative Director Lester Lledo, MSN, CRNP, who is responsible for management of programmatic operations pertaining to staffing, process workflow, standard operating procedures, compliance with federal regulations and institutional policies.  Directly reporting to Lester Lledo are his team of managers who are responsible for oversight of the daily activities of the research staff and their assigned projects.  The CTU is comprised of well-educated and trained research personnel who carry-out a variety of responsibilities and functions directly related to the execution of the study protocols. Collectively this division of CCI seeks to shift the paradigm for the standards of clinical research in oncology.