The Kahn Lab


Current Lab Members

Mark Kahn, MD (Principal Investigator):    215-898-9007,

Patricia Mericko-Ishizuka (Lab Manager):  215-573-7069,

Mei Chen (Research Specialist):  215-573-7142,

Zinan Zhou (PhD student):  215-573-7142,

Hung Manh Bui (PhD student): 215-573-7630,

Alan Tang (MD/PhD student): 215-573-7142,

Xiangjian Zheng, PhD:  215-573-7142,

David Enis, MD,PhD (Instructor):  215-573-7630,

Cynthia Myers, MD (Fellow): 215-573-7142,

Zoltan Jakus, MD PhD (Post-doc):  215-573-7311,

Yiqing Yang, PhD (Post-doc): 215-573-7311,

Wei Pan, Ph,D (Post-doc): 215-573-7142),

Daniel Sweet, PhD (Post-doc) 215-573-7311,

Lauren Goddard, PhD (Post-doc) 215-573-7630,

Veerpal Dhillon (Research Specialist): 215-573-7630,

Stephanie Chia (Lab Technician):  215-573-7069,

Hui Zheng (Lab Technician): 215-573-7069,

Jeremy Chang (BS/MS Student-Vagelos Scholars Program):  (215-573-7311),


Former Lab Members

David Rawnsley, MD/PhD student: Dave received his PhD in September of 2013 and is now in his final year of medical school at UPenn (Perelman School of Medicine).

Paul Hess, MD/PhD student: Paul received his PhD in September of 2013 and is now in his final year of medical school at UPenn (Perelman School of Medicine).

Aslihan Sen, Research Specialist:  Aslihan is currently a medical student at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Zhiying Zou, PhD, Research Scientist:  Ying is currently a Research Associate at the University of Delaware.

Vinayak Kumar, BS/MS student Vagelos Scholars Program:  Vinayak is currently finishing his first year of medical school at UPenn (Perelman School of Medicine).

Chong Xu, PhD, Post-doc:  Chong is currently a Molecular Biologist at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Center at University of Pennsylvania.

Cara Bertozzi, PhD student:  Cara received her PhD in January of 2010 and is currently with American Journal Experts.

Alec Schmaier, MD/PhD student: Alec received his PhD in July of 2010 and his MD in 2012.  Alec is currently an Internal Medicine Resident at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

ChiuYu Chen, MD/PhD student:  ChiuYu received her PhD in December of 2009 and her MD in 2011.  Chiu-Yu is currently a Pediatric Resident at Univ of Washington Medical Center.

Ben Kleaveland, MD/PhD student:  Ben received his PhD in December of 2009 and his MD in 2010.  Ben is currently a Clinical Pathology Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital and Postdoctoral Fellow, David Bartel Laboratory, Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research, MIT, HHMI.

Eric Sebzda, PhD.  Post Doctoral Researcher: Eric is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Farhad Abtahian, MD, PhD: (co-mentored MD/PhD student).  Farhad is currently a Cardiology Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital.