Research Interests

Dr. Hirankarn joined the group as a Senior Research Associate. She earned her PhD in Pharmaceutics, at the College of Pharmacy, the University of Iowa. Her PhD research was focused on improving predictions of drug response by employing and assessing various approaches/software, including population PK analysis using NONMEM, population PK analysis using WinBUGS, and artiticial neural networks. She has worked in four organizations where she performed Population PK/PD analysis including: Human Genome Sciences, Inc.; Cognigen Corporation; GloboMax Europe LLC; and Cancer Research UK.

Dr. Hirankarn's research at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is focused on optimizing (maximize efficacy & safety and minimize toxicity) the therapy of drugs utilized in children population as well as to improve the efficiency (low cost and less time) of the drugs.





Sarapee Hirankarn Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate
Phone: 267-426-9638