Computational Software

The software utilized to provide the services listed previously is also maintained within the core via active/current licenses managed by Dr. Barrett with the Laboratory for Applied PK/PD. The list below contains the software to be utilized by the core in support of these efforts along with the primary functionality for which they will be required.

SAS v 9.2 (PC/Windows; SAS Institute): Sample size-power calculation, ANOVA, MANOVA, PCA, nonlinear regression, etc.

S-PLUS Professional v. 6.1 (PC/Windows and LINUX; Insightful Corp.): Graphics, Generalized additive modeling (GAM), sample size estimation, etc.

S-PLUS Server (LINUX; Insightful Corp.): data sharing; web tools

Prism v. 4.0 (GraphPad Software): graphics, curve fitting (regression analysis)

WinNonlin Professional v. 4.0.1 (PC/Windows; Pharsight Corp.): noncompartmental PK analysis (NCA), PK/PD modeling and simulation

NONMEM v.6 (PC/DOS and LINUX; Globomax Corp.): Population PK/PD modeling and exposure simulation

Trial Simulator v. 2.0 (Pharsight Corporation): Clinical Trial Simulation

Mathematica v 4.1 (Wolfram Research): Response surface modeling